The best way of learning mathematics is to start solving math problems from useful textbooks, lectures, in-class discussions and exercises. Here, the teacher can design a lovely environment to facilitate the learning process for the students such that motivating and giving help for their improvement in terms of knowledge and techniques. It is important that a teacher stimulate his student for logical thinking to tackle diverse math problems by explaining them clearly and correctly and also providing reasonable argument for their solutions. I do believe that this ecient problem-solving help them to learn how to e ectively manage di erent issues arising in their real life. Thus, my priority is to create a lovely learning environment that motivate innovative, but still simple, thinking and problem solving for my students to engage their own curiosity and to simulate the classroom as the springboard for their further exploration. To achieve this, I present the knowledge through interactive teaching aids and practical learning chances. I expect the students to take an active role in the process of learning and in turn, I give bonus points to stimulate them for asking questions, learning new things and presenting novel problems while trying to provide good solutions for that problems in the classroom with empathy and cooperation. When I was a teacher, I always take care of the students participation and try to make the classroom an attractive environment, for instance, by talking about psychology, reading poems (based on the culture and society, I can nd some interesting topics to attract the students attention in a positive way!). Of course, In the class we always have quiz, project and nal exam in order to eciently evaluate students ability and their progress. And also, I am happy that the students give me a feedback of all aspect of my presentation including completed assignments by the surveys to ensure that I meet their reasonable needs during the semester. I think a good teacher has to be available to any questions of his students during oce hours.

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