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7 audio‑produktion Lehrer Deutschland

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Samuel - Berlin25€
Vertrauter Lehrer: Originally from Italy but born in Switzerland, Samuel aka Luca Torre did early in 1996 his first steps in electronic music for which he discovered a true passion. From trip-hop to techno going through more architectural sounds like drum´n´bass or Brackcore. Luca organized and participated in several events in Switzerland, in places like Loft Lausanne or even the Dachkantine in Zürich where he started being quite notorious He arrived in Berlin in 2004 and continued to work on his dedication to music by becoming a sound engineer and a sound designer. His interest for synthesis and modular systems brought him to work for the famous company Arturia where he then developed Presets. He also worked in the film industry where he took part in various projects. Follows up some releases on digitals and vinyls on several labels and then began collaborations with various artists. 2016 is finally the arrival of it´s big label project. After several cogitation years he finally runs and owns the label Clock'Art Records where beautiful surprises await. His career is currently being boost by his passion, talent and famous techno artists name´s recognition who took part in his projects. Luca is a pure eclectic and avant-garde dj. He is real fanatic sound designer, as much as an architecht of new sound constructions. He is a true artist who will keep on impressing us for years to come. In 2019 He Built Clock‘art Music: Clock’art Music Music groups several activities in the music field, it features 3 labels, 1 Music School and a sound design company Clock’art Studio. Clock‘art Records (Label Minimal Techno). Cloc Records (Edit Label) Nouage Records (Trip Hop, Noise, Ambiant and Soundscape Label) Clock‘art School is a M.A.C (Music Assisted Computer) school where we teach lesson of Ableton, Logic and synthese. Clock‘art Studio is a sound design company producing immersive soundscape from advertising to the film universe, we also do music film composition, jingle, and sound design FX. In 2020 we developing new project growing into the music therapy way, with Solfi Wave. And Clockless, the music podcast channel.
Ableton live · Audio-produktion
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Komposition, Musiktheorie, Musikproduktionsunterricht (Berlin)
Orestis ist ein sehr guter, freundlicher Lehrer, der geduldig und verständlich erklärt.
Bewertung von JOSEFA
Klavierunterricht mit professionellem Musiker & Lehrer (Royal College of Music London, MA Composition) (Leipzig)
Ausgezeichneter Unterricht.
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