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Nadège has not only helped me fine-tune my pitch and understand my vocal range but also provided invaluable guidance on breathing techniques and using my body effectively while singing. As a beginner, the most significant transformation has been in my self-awareness about my own voice and its potential. I started last year, and we scheduled classes once a week for several months. Rapidly she became my singing sensei, is basically a vocal wizard in disguise! Her excellent ear, proficiency in playing the piano, and powerful voice made the lessons both enjoyable and instructive. The relaxed, trusting, and fun atmosphere she cultivated during our sessions fostered creativity and promoted relaxation. She values the importance of creating a safe and open space for her students to explore and develop. I also found her concepts and ways of expressing them quite interesting, you can trust you're in the hands of both a perfectionist and an empathetic teacher. She taught me to build a strong connection between my body and singing. One of the key advantages of working with her is her multilingual proficiency. Her ability to communicate in my language allowed us to practice with songs I was familiar with, while she had a deep understanding of the nuances of pronunciation and expression. I can't thank Nadège enough for turning my vocal journey into a fantastic adventure and for the incredible support and guidance she has provided during our time together! :)

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