My goal is not only to teach you the language but ensure you the ability to learn by yourself in the future. We have limited time and limited energy and I know for the fact that you can’t have a teacher forever. However, once you build a solid foundation of a language and figure your ways out about that language, you will be able to learn and improve the language for life long. And this is my philosophy of being a Chinese teacher. My name is Jing , from Guangzhou, China. I have “Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages” from Confucius Institute, Beijing. I have worked as a Chinese teacher teaching foreign students more than 10 years in different countries. The Chinese courses I have taught were basic Chinese, Conversational Chinese, Advanced Chinese, and Business Chinese. Meanwhile, I introduced Chinese traditions and organized cultural activities. Currently, I am a freelancer working for a language institute in Berlin. Before that, I worked as a full time Chinese Instructor in Okan University, Istanbul, Turkey. I was a both full-time and part-time Chinese for teenagers in Turkey, for kids in Poland, adults in Spain. My philosophy being a Chinese teacher is also the dissemination of Chinese culture and the promotion of integration between Chinese and foreign culture. I enjoy every second in the lessons when I am teaching Chinese and what I do is to make your learning fruitful and full of fun, I know well the common difficulties of learning Chinese for foreign students and how to adapt teaching to achieve the best results. I am up to date with modern technologies such as online teaching, social media and other latest teaching methods.

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